Owners of long-haired dogs often despair when it starts to snow. The problem is that the snow sticks to the dogs fur, and balls up on their paws, legs and belly. Here are some tips for preventing and removing snowballs from dog fur.

Our Snowsuits are made from Polartec® High Performance fabrics which block 100% of the wind and offer maximum protection from the cold and the elements. This high quality fabric is soft to the touch yet durable, making it the most comfortable windproof fleece product on the market.

Because snowsuits cover the whole body with the exception of the belly and back-end, they prevent snowballs and ice forming on your dog's hair. No longer will you have to spend time after every outing to either shower off the ice or blow dry it off.

Tips To Prevent Snowballs:

  • Cover paws with vaseline, Mushers Wax or other slick products to prevent snowballs between the toes.
  • Use warm water to soak paws and belly to melt the snow/ice
  • Have your dog wear one of our high-tech snowsuits to prevent snowballs from appearing on the body
Barkandstuff-dog covered in snowballs