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Our Goal

Barkandstuff.com is a small, family owned business, established in 2007 and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our goal is to provide a high quality product at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and ability to ship orders quickly without compromising on quality. If it's not good enough for our own dogs it's not good enough for our customers! 


Our History

We started out as loving pet owners with a need that wasn't being filled by the commercial pet industry. We are based in Texas but travel regularly to the northeast with our dogs to visit family and to compete in agility events and other dog sports. Our Texas dogs were not acclimated to the frigid temperatures of the north and we needed to keep our babies warm and toasty. Most events are held outdoors or in an open barn. Temperatures could be quite cold and after a run, we had to put them in a crate. We use crate covers but that just didn't seem enough. In order to avoid muscle injury, every vet will tell you, keep the muscles warm after competing. Just like an athlete after running in the cold, we needed some type of cover-up for our dogs.

Commercial Products

We have always found that commercial pet wear did not fit well and the materials used were not the best quality, especially when it came to fleece. Dog coats made of cheaper fleece did not last, did not fit well, pilled after washing and, worst yet, overheated our dogs. They just didn't allow dogs to regulate their body temperatures, but acted instead like a cocoon, thus causing our dogs to pant excessively. We hated seeing our dogs so uncomfortable.

Make It Ourselves!

When we buy winter outer wear for ourselves, we always look for products made with Polartec© Fleece. Top winter wear manufactures such as LL Bean©, Columbia Sportswear©, and Patagonia© use Polartec brand in their lineup, but when we tried to find similar qualities in dog coats it either did not exist, or was over-priced. We consider our dogs as exclusive members of the family, so we want to give them the best! After many trials and tribulations, we finally decided to make our own. Our designs use Polartec© Classic 200 fleece and Polartec© WindBloc© that fit our furry kids perfectly. They work so well, that Zoe, our youngest, wears her jogger when practicing in the cold Texas winter nights as it doesn't interfere with her movements. Being an agility dog, she needs to be able to run and jump while running at top speed. The jogger is designed not to shift or interfere with her movements. And when we put her back in the crate to take Jake through the course, she is warm and snuggly.

Praises and Glory

When our friends at dog shows saw our dogs in their hoodies, joggers and/or snowsuits, and realized how well made they were, they wanted them for their dogs. We started making them for just our friends and families, eventually word got around as friends told their friends and so on and so on that we decided why not offer these great coats to all dog lovers around the world! And BarkAndStuff.com was born.


Here at BarkAndStuff.com we treat every custom made order as if it was being made for our own precious dogs. We ensure the quality is of the highest standards by controlling the production ourselves. Everything you see is made by us and only us, here in the United States. We do not contract overseas and we do not exploit cheap labor. We strive to keep our prices fair and competitive, yet bringing you the quality you expect. When you combine the best American made Polartec© Fleece in your choice of color, style, with custom sizing and add the option to have your pets name embroidered on your selection, all at an affordable price we think you will agree our dog coats and snowsuits are the best on the market and just what your dog deserves!

Quality and Satisfaction is not dead. We guarantee it.